About Us

About Us

After little more than a year acquiring knowledge of the Spanish audiovisual market, Artaire Films was born. That was in 2007. The aim? To become familiar with the needs of the different television channels of Spain, to filter these needs, and to contact producing and distribution companies worldwide looking for suitable products.

During the period since its inception, Artaire Films has focused basically on 2 lines of action.

On the one hand, it is providing services as an independent commercial agent to several Spanish distributors that own a wide catalogue of films, from the westerns of the 60’s to the highly commercially-successful movies produced since the year 2000.

On the other hand, it manages its own catalogue. Artaire Films searches for, chooses, buys and distributes to its clients directly.

Lately, we have signed partnership agreements with international companies to distribute exclusively part of their portfolio in Spain and we want to continue strengthening and increasing our lines of action. How?

  • By entering into new agreements to market more titles in Spain or internationally.
  • By acquiring rights, mainly of films to expand our catalogue.
  • By increasing geographical mobility to implement projects, such as launching and managing the subsidiary of an audiovisual company in Europe.

We would like to know more about your product and hope we can work together to establish a solid and mutually-advantageous business relationship.

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