Ex-cop, ex-con, Franck Bériat has a sense of justice that some describe as expeditious. Condemned to six years in prison for killing in cold blood a pimp, responsible for the death of a young prostitute,...

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    The Good Neighbour

    Starting a new life as a journalist in a city far from home, David appreciates to be warmly welcomed by the neighbor living next door, Robert, a man who proves to be pleasant, yet quite intrusive. The...

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    Six contestants in a survival reality show and a single cameraman are dropped in the Mojave desert to compete for a $100,000 prize. They all wear helmet-cams that record their activities 24/7. Very quickly,...

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    Red Line

    Terrorism on a Los Angeles subway! A normal LA day turns into a fight for survival when an LA subway train suddenly crashes, leaving the survivors buried underneath the rubble. Trapped and desperate,...

We also represent several catalogues with library titles dubbed into Castilian, from westerns produced in the 50's to for example action movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Please email us for further information.