Data Sheet
  • Status Completed
  • Year of Production 2016
  • Genre Action, Thriller
  • Director Stéphane Roquet
  • Cast Jean-Yves Bourgeois, Marie Delmas, Emmanuel Bonami


Ex-cop, ex-con, Franck Bériat has a sense of justice that some describe as expeditious. Condemned to six years in prison for killing in cold blood a pimp, responsible for the death of a young prostitute, he became, in his release, unlicensed private detective. People turn to him when they can not or will not make contact with the police. Franck Bériat agrees to help them, if the price seems right to him, and cause in accordance with its principles. One day, Camille Dessonge, an attractive young woman, just use the services of Bériat. Desperate, she wants to know what happened to her younger sister Patricia. This was the call girl when she suddenly disappeared, a year earlier. Camille is firmly convinced that she was murdered by one of his most loyal customers, Eric Bando, cruel psychopath and younger brother of a notorious drug dealer: Antek Bando. Initially hesitant, Franck Bériat finally agreed to help the young woman. It will therefore conduct a war without thank you against the clan Bando. The bodies will multiply in his way.